Abdominal Acupuncture


 Ive got a new tool in my box! Its a new, very effective, very gentle but very powerful version of Acupuncture! Yes…Its still needles, but sooo gentle you hardly know they are there!Its called Abdominal Acupuncture….and it does what it says on the tin! It treats EVERYTHING, from neck pain, shoulder pain / frozen shoulder, back pain / sciatica, hip pain, wrist pain, elbow pain….in fact ALL pain can be  treated ….but by using a few superficially placed needles in your stomach! (Hence…Abdominal Acupuncture!)Abdominal Acupuncture only originated 20 years ago in China by Dr. Zhiyun Bo, and it is  a micro-system of the whole body. So in comparison to the 4000 year old version…its a baby! But clients are amazed at how fast it works and how effective it is!As its name suggests, abdominal acupuncture uses acupuncture points on the abdominal meridian system which Dr. Bo developed. The acupuncture needles are placed at the superficial level (and so there is virtually NO pain!) and, due to it being much shallower than traditional acupuncture, some patients find it more comfortable. Also, results are almost immediate which is why Abdominal Acupuncture has sometimes been referred to as a “Miracle Treatment”! And who among us isn’t in the market for a bit of a miracle?!

So how does it work?
Put very simply… Abdominal Acupuncture treats all parts of the body because all the energy meridians are centered around the umbilicus, and the umbilicus is of vital importance in relationship to birth and giving life. In fact, in ancient China, the abdomen was used exclusively for diagnosis.According to the theory of Abdominal Acupuncture, the umbilicus has a known relationship with the circulatory system and a close relationship with  the Qi and Blood flowing throughout the body.

Abdominal Acupuncture  can harmonise,  and rebalance  the mind, body and spirit.


The needles are placed very superficially and needling is  much shallower than is the case with traditional Acupuncture. By stimulating these points on the Channels on the abdomen, the patient can often feel immediate relief. And thats good for everyone!!Abdominal acupuncture is particularly indicated in patients who are weak or sensitive to acupuncture, such as the very young and the very elderly.
Conditions treated  can include musculo-skeletal, arthritis, anxiety, stress,and chronic long-term diseases.So why not book in for a bit of Miracle Treatment?Phone me Mairead Fahy

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