Male Fertility. A brave approach.

While I was getting ready for work this morning, TV on in the background, I listened with no small amount of admiration to a couple speaking about their problems in conceiving a child.

Now, as is mostly the case, when a couple have been trying diligently to make a baby, and with no positive outcome  (other than becoming even more determined that they really want a baby), it is invariably the woman who goes down the route of being checked hormonally and sometimes surgically to determine the cause. This a natural female response! “There might be a problem, lets face it head- on , find out what it might be, and see if we can fix it!”  This was the case with this couple, and with all the tests coming back “clear”, i.e. she was  hormonally balanced, and her tubes were patent having had surgical investigation (Laporoscopy, and, Lap and Dye , where a small amount of Dye is inserted into the Fallopian Tubes to see if there is blockage), they finally decided to test the man.  Eureka!  It was discovered that he had virtually NO SPERM!

My admiration for this man knows no bounds, as indeed for ANY man who is willing to overcome a suspected psychological and emotional attack on his masculinity and virility, by admitting that HE may have the problem, not his female counterpart!  AND –  he went on TV and told the world!  Not only did he openly admit the problem was his, but instead of shrinking into denial and depression, he was man enough to admit there was a problem, and ask HOW it could be fixed! If he did retire to his cave, it was only temporarily while he licked his wounds and then he came out fighting and  decided to try and FIX things!  Well done him!

With advice he went down the route of making positive  Lifestyle changes.

He stopped  smoking –  (research has shown that smoking can affect the quantity and morphology (quality) of sperm), changed his diet from a junk food diet to a whole food, fresh,  low fat diet and in 3 months –  he lost 3 stone! (He had been quite “chunky”)! He incorporated exercise into his regime, and looked at ways of combatting the stresses in his life.

He included Acupuncture as part of his lifestyle change which research has shown can positively increase blood flow and improve sperm motility and quality (morphology). This is particularly important around a womans ovulation time. It takes approximately 3 months for healthy sperm to form in the testes, and according to this man and the changes he made, he went from having NO sperm (azospermia) to having just under the desired amount for conception in 3 months!

Changes in Diet and Lifestyle also apply to women with Fertility problems, and huge benefits can be achieved in a relatively short time by having  Acupuncture and by addressing stress factors, diet and lifestyle issues.

Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood flow, improve the quality of eggs, improve follicular stimulation, benefit ovulation, thicken the uterine lining and balance hormones.

Because we women are so dependent on Hormones  (men….its a FACT- not an excuse!!),  stress hormones like adrenaline, can adversely affect the sex hormones and may lead to an irregular menstrual cycle, Dysmennhorea (painful periods), High Prolactin levels, and ovulation problems, any of which can cause problems with natural conception. Acupuncture  can play a hugely beneficial role in Fertility problems, both male and female and together with changes in diet and lifestyle, can often result in natural conception.

I wish my TV couple well and hugely admire their strength and courage.