Acupuncture Migraine Relief:migraine relief with acupuncture chinese medicine clinic gorey wexford

Relief from Migraines with conventional medicine is very unpredictable and mostly relies on strong medication which can leave the person suffering side effects.  With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine migraines can be relieved almost straight away, even if the person is suffering a migraine at the time of treatment.  Following  assessment, a course of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment is formulated specific to the individual, and by following this course, relief can often be maintained for longer than treatment with conventional medicine. Among its many functions –  Acupuncture and  Traditional Chinese Medicine, which often includes Chinese Herbs,  can reduce stress levels, balance hormones and  reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines, often eliminating them altogether.  This is done by a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and possibly some diet and lifestyle advice.  Migraine treatment in traditional Chinese Medicine follows the theories of Yin and Yang.

Migraine Relief with Chinese Medicine from Clinic Gorey Wexford