Menopause and HRT free!

“I first came for acupuncture when I was at my wits end with a cough. I was still coughing after 9 weeks and 3 antibiotics and a chest x-ray.So I decided to take matters into my own hands and I rang Mairead. My cough cleared after 2 sessions.
In our consultation, where Mairead would ask about how you were, the subject of menopause came up. I had been having a bad time for over a year but I was desperate to avoid HRT. I took advice from Mairead and embarked on a 4 month course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, once a week, made affordable by availing of the community acupuncture on Fridays. Now I am Menopause and HRT free!
Acupuncture has healed other complaints Ive had since, Sinus, Muscular pain, strained tendons etc.
So Id always advise you choose Acupuncture and Mairead for any problem you have”
Teresa, Ballygarrett.

My reasons for acupuncture were two fold, to relieve period pain and for fertility assistance. My period improved so much that I no longer had to take time off work every month, indeed it was easily handled without the need for over the counter pain medication. When my husband and I did not conceive for a few months we decided to try acupuncture. Mairead carefully explained how the fertility treatment would work and we set a monthly schedule, ensuring each stage of the month was catered for. I’m now very happily pregnant, without ever having to resort to invasive tests or hormonal treatments. I highly recommend Maireads acupuncture clinic as a first stop for any couple trying to conceive.
Frances, Camolin.

“My daughter has hydrocephalus, and had been having terrible migraine headaches for over a year. After 10 treatments of Acupuncture and Herbs..her headaches were gone. As my daughter is also wheelchair bound…Mairead came to the house to treat her. I now tell all my friends to have Acupuncture no matter what is wrong with them! I can’t recommend Acupuncture or Mairead highly enough!”
Bernie, Enniscorthy

“I am a 72 year old female. I had been complaining of pain on walking in my left hip for three years, after a fall when I twisted my ankle and think I must have landed on my left side. Anyway further to this after several visits to the GP I had an Orthopaedic consultation and a MRI scan on my left hip and lumbar spine area.

This revealed only minimal age related changes nothing of consequence, but swelling and inflammation over my left hip, which was diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis. I tried physio and tens machine, and eventually went to Mairead to try acupuncture. I have had quite a few sessions, and at the moment cannot believe how much better l am. I am walking again quite well, with no pain at all in the hip, it is not entirely gone, but I am continuing with the acupuncture on a regular basis as I have found it so beneficial for my general well being.

The visits to Mairead are a pleasure, she has a gentle and reassuring manner, and the whole experience has been pleasant and very worthwhile. I would recommend anyone to try acupuncture like l did if they have a complaint that Mairead can help them with “
Marie, Courtown Harbour,Co, Wexford.

“I have been a patient of Mairead’s as I underwent ICSI. I have always found her to be very professional, caring and understanding. She is very informed of the latest research as she is an affiliated acupuncturist of Zita West in London.

I definitely benefited from the acupuncture and found it improved the outcome of my treatment and it was a very relaxing and worthwhile experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Mairead as a much needed support as you embark on your fertility journey.”
Angela, Wicklow

“I first tried Acupuncture to relieve my Migraines which I experienced regularly. I found it a lot more beneficial than any of the medications that I had tried in the past, having attended Migraine Specialists. Not only did my Migraines ease, but I also found that I had more energy.”

I first went to see Mairead in 2005, as I wanted to explore a natural way of dealing with my anxiety and insomnia I had at that time, without having to resort to taking tablets.I have to admit I was slightly skeptical if acupuncture would work…… Well, I can tell you now I’m a huge believer! Mairead is a very warm and friendly person, who understands people. Its very easy to open up about your ailments, and feel safe doing so. The acupuncture clinic is a very peaceful environment where you can fully relax and let the needles do their magic.
After that first session, I had the best nights sleep for the first time in many months. I also felt very calm and at peace, and life felt very good indeed. That feeling is worth every penny in my opinion.I’ve been attending Mairead’s clinic for eight years now, and I look forward to many more sessions in the future. I found it was a life changing experience for me, and these days I make sure to have acupuncture on a regular basis to maintain good health. Acupuncture is safe and natural and it really does work. I can’t recommend Mairead highly enough to others!”

Mandy, Arklow

“Over the years, Ive has Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments from several practitioners, and I have no hesitation in saying that Maireads treatments have been by far the most effective.
Mairead is professional, skillful and generous in her work, and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone seeking help for long term or painful conditions”
Patricia, Wexford

“Highly recommend Mairead for Shonishin Acupuncture for children . I have a 4 yr old and an 8 yr old who both suffered from chronic asthma since they were 1yrs old.My doctor said they would be lifelong sufferers.They were on constant medication, including preventative inhalers,relievers and Singulair tablets and steroid tablets to try to control their symptoms which lasted from September to April every year without fail, with many trips to the doctors and constant worry over attacks. They both went for 6-7 sessions once weekly starting last April and by the way they absolutley LOVED each session.I took them off all medication and this is the first Winter EVER that we have not had any attacks or ended up on steroids or worse! They have both been asthma free for nearly a year now and can get a head cold without it bringing on any signs of asthma!!! It is truly amazing and has completely changed our lives I now have HAPPY ,HEALTHY and UNMEDICATED kids thanks to Shonishin Acupuncture , and of course Mairead XXX


“After nearly three years of trying to conceive our second child I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Even though it was a mild case, it was causing infertility & I was advised that I could only conceive by IVF. This was not an option my husband or I wanted to follow as we already had a beautiful little girl. It took me a few months to get my head around things and I had heard how Acupuncture could be used to help with infertility. I met with Mairead in mid August 2011 & started weekly sessions. Mairead explained everything to me & was so understanding & a fantastic support throughout my treatment. The sessions which were non – invasive helped to change my cycle to a shorter, less painful one & by November 2011 I became pregnant. I continued my weekly sessions for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, which helped me a lot, and our beautiful little boy was born in August this year. I would recommend Mairead to anyone who may be in the same situation without any hesitation. My husband and I cannot thank her enough.”
Julie, Wicklow.