Japanese Cosmetic Acupuncture

CosmeticA viable alternative to Cosmetic Surgery and the effects run much deeper than simply improving appearance”. – THE IRISH TIMES.
“The needles are so fine you can barely feel them. I’m so pleased with how my skin looks”. ANGELA RIPPON – THE DAILY MAIL

Japanese style Acupuncture is by its very nature gentler and much less invasive than its Chinese counterpart. This obviously becomes very important when treating the face.
In Japanese Facial or Cosmetic Acupuncture, the technique is called “Shining smile”. Just like its Chinese companion technique, it comes from the concept that beauty comes from within. With this in mind, the whole body is treated along with the face to produce the “Shining Smile”.
The technique involves a full assessment to include physical and emotional problems which may need treatment. This may mean treatment on the back as well as the front of the body. Palpatory techniques are used to determine imbalance. There is a comprehensive Facial Massage technique lasting approx 15mins, which stimulates the muscles of the face and neck, and then very fine, sterile disposable needles are inserted into the face along meridian pathways to rebalance and stimulate the blood and Qi of the face. The Japanese technique of needling is very superficial and painfree.

Cosmetic acupuncture can have the following beneficial effects:
Facial Acupuncture me

    • Smooth fine lines
    • Lift jowls
    • Reduce bags under the eyes
    • Reduce puffiness
    • Improve muscle tone
    • Improve circulation of blood
    • Improve lymphatic drainage
    • Brighten the eyes
    • Boost collagen
    • Reduce stress lines which show on the face
    • Improve mind body balance

Other effects include:

      • Reduction of stress/anxiety/depression

Dr Maeda Facial Acupuncture

    • Treatment of physical and/or emotional issues
    • Menopausal hot flushes
    • Treatment of IBS
    • Pain relief
    • Insomnia

The total Facial rejuvenation experience lasts approx. 75 minutes.

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